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Who is Running for Hays County Clerk in the 2023 Election?

There are three candidates running for the Hays County Clerk’s Office. One of which is the incumbent Elaine Cardenas. She will face a challenger in the primary. The Challenger is Edna R. Peterson. Both candidates are running as Democrats. The winner of the primary will move on to the general election. The general election will consist of the primary election winner for the Democratic Party and the Republican challenger Linda Duran.

Sample Democratic Ballot

So, who are the Democratic Party candidates?

Elaine Cardenas, Incumbent

Obtained from Cardenas Campaign page

Campaign Page:

Per Elaine Cardenas Campaign Page: “Now, more than ever, you need me. Our county is on the threshold of dramatic change, fast becoming an urban center of innovation, attracting international businesses and talented workers from throughout the world. To serve our residents responsibly, our county government needs to keep pace with those changes. I have the qualifications, ability, and experience to lead the County Clerk’s office forward, as I have done these past four years as your County Clerk.”

Facebook Page:

Edna R. Peterson, Challenger

We are unable to find a internet presence for Edna R. Peterson’s campaign.

Sample Republican Ballot

Who is the Republican Candidate?

Linda Duran, Challenger

Obtained from Duran Campaign page

Facebook Page:

Campaign Page:

Statement from Campaign Page:

“I have 22 years of experience with the County Clerk’s Office that I know will allow me to best serve the constituents of Hays County and I take pride that I am:







•Financially responsible

These are just a few traits that describe the person I am and how I will run my campaign for Hays County Clerk.”

Please be sure to learn about the candidates and cast your vote for whichever one you believe will be most beneficial for you and Hays County.