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Why are Harlingen Police Department Employee’s Violating Their Duties?

We have requested more records through the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) about the duties and responsibilities of the Harlingen Police Department Peace Officers.

We have focused our review on the Public Information Office (PIO). We have done this for various reasons, but because of the availability to communicate with the unit through Facebook Messaging.

It turns out, our review has highlighted some serious concerns related to their duties. Specifically, they will not assist the public with the public’s concerns (at least our experience).

It becomes even more concerning when we reach out to the Internal Affairs Unit and they do not reply, either. Maybe their lack of duty is connected to the bigger picture we have been publishing.

For instance, the City Attorney has confirmed the person we had questions about, previously is not a City of Harlingen employee; however, he has portrayed himself to be a City of Harlingen employee.

We have attempted to provide information (complaint) on the matter; yet, the City of Harlingen Police Department has not taken our complaint. So, based upon all occurrences; we strongly believe there to be a connection to the person who is not a City of Harlingen employee.

Pictured here:

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A Reliable Source of Information

The person above has paraded around all over Harlingen subjecting another to slander and defamation. He was even observing a person working out at Gold’s Gym in Harlingen. He showed up to an Emergency Room in Harlingen, Texas to also attempt to intimidate another person. Yet, Harlingen Police Department does not find this to be relevant? Especially since he is claiming to be a Harlingen Police Department employee?

Well, the Job Descriptions of the PIO says different:

The Hawk’s Eye - Consulting & News
TPIA, City of Harlingen
The Hawk’s Eye - Consulting & News
TPIA, City of Harlingen

It turns out, to our non-surprise, Peace Officers with the City of Harlingen are also bearing the same duty:

The Hawk’s Eye - Consulting & News
TPIA, City of Harlingen

Is it perfectly acceptable for someone to claim to work for the Harlingen Police Department and slander or defame another person; while, following the person around?

Apparently, based upon how the PIO has handled the concerns of a citizen, to them, it must be acceptable; even if it violates a duty. We should also mention, we have information the PIO has also engaged in similar type of conduct towards this individual. So, the ability to tell on oneself or take a complaint on oneself seems to be a trait missing from the PIO.

We do not want to take away from the good employees of the City of Harlingen. We do know it is not the whole department, but it is an important part of the organization. The one which is dedicated to the public. The section, out of all sections, which should follow every rule, regulation, and law; as the example to the rest of the department.

But, it does not seem to be the way it works with the Harlingen Police Department.