Cameron County District Attorney Motions to Dismiss Appeal on Brownsville ISD Nepotism Case

First Administrative Assistant Edward A. Sandoval, filed a motion to dismiss in the Court of Appeals, Thirteenth Judicial District under cause 13-22-00206-CR. The motion to dismiss is related to Minerva Pena, a Brownsville ISD board member, being indicted on a class c misdemeanor charge of nepotism. The matter […]

Blogger to Have His Day in Hays County District Court to Attempt to Redress Unlawful Restraint

After a long period of being unlawfully restrainted, a Blogger will have his day in court to attempt to express the harm he was subjected to in his quest to provide 1st Amendment redress to the government over conduct he has been subjected too. This Blogger is still […]

Federal Deposition Appears to Expose Risks within the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in this publishing or on this website should be taken as legal advice . Federal Deposition Appears to Expose Risks within the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office In one of the lawsuits filed on Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza, he is questioned related to his campaign […]

Judge Rescinds and Reissues Order Quashing Indictment Filed by Cameron County District Attorney’s Office

On May 10, 2022, the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office got their wish. The late filed order, which quashed the indictment filed on Minerva Pena, a Brownsville ISD board member, has been rescinded and reissued. Now the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office can file an appeal to the […]

Did Union Billboards Have Anything to do with Crime Spike in Bexar County?

Recently, Sheriff Javier Salazar, of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, identified a trend in crime within county patrolled areas. Specifically, he submitted a letter to the Bexar County Commissioners Court stating in the last several months, violent crime has increased: He identified incidents which occurred after billboards were […]

Cameron County’s Timeframe to Appeal the Nepotism Dismissal on Minerva Peña has Passed

On May 3, 2022, the Court of Appeals, for the Thirteenth District of Texas sent notice to the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office, which states the following: “It appears that the appeal has not been timely perfected. Pursuant to Tex. R. App. P. 37.1, you are hereby given […]

Can Uribe Overcome Disinformation/Misinformation Campaign in Run-Off Election?

Richard Urbie is up for re-election, but this past year has caused quite a stir. There have been many changes to the City of Harlingen government landscape. Most recently, longtime Mayor Boswell was upended by a historical event. Now Commissioner Uribe is set to have a run-off election […]

Harlingen Has a New Mayor; What Does This Mean for Fifteen Years of Government Record History?

On May 7, 2022, the City of Harlingen had its election for Mayor. There were two candidates. The first, a fifteen year veteran of the role, Chris Boswell. The second, the challenger, Norma Sepulveda. There was much talk about campaign financing and financial raises in this highly contested […]

Get to Know Your Candidate: Democratic Party – Kelly Higgins for District Attorney – Series One

We understand the importance of the District Attorney’s Office in a community. The way it is ran may set the tone for the community. Because of this important role and a highly anticipated election year, where there are two candidates that are not running for re-election; we find […]

Cameron County is Quick to Appeal Nepotism Case

On May 2, 2022, Janie Carrizales, on behalf of Edward Sandoval, submitted a document which appeared to be signed by Luis V Saenz, to appeal the Motion to Quash that dismissed the nepotism case filed by the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office. The case will now head to […]

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