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Harlingen Swears-In First Female Mayor

Since there is a new mayor, what happens with the past mayors emails? The ones not on government server? The Texas Attorney General has a complaint on such this question. Copied directly from the City of Harlingen: 05/18/2022 “Harlingen, Texas– Harlingen City Commissionerstonight canvassed the votes of the […]

Past 404th District Judge and Past 404th District Judge Candidate Battle Free Speech Claims

Did the title catch your attention? Good… now we will explain what it means. Currently, past candidate for the office of the 404th District Court Judge in Cameron County, Texas has filed a lawsuit claiming defamation. However, the past 404th District Court judge is not the one that […]

Cameron County District Attorney Motions to Dismiss Appeal on Brownsville ISD Nepotism Case

First Administrative Assistant Edward A. Sandoval, filed a motion to dismiss in the Court of Appeals, Thirteenth Judicial District under cause 13-22-00206-CR. The motion to dismiss is related to Minerva Pena, a Brownsville ISD board member, being indicted on a class c misdemeanor charge of nepotism. The matter […]

Federal Deposition Appears to Expose Risks within the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office

In one of the lawsuits filed on Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza, he is questioned related to his campaign donations and affiliation with a specific donor; which he later appointed to the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office. He is also asked about other people that were unofficial employees of […]

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