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Blogger to Have His Day in Hays County District Court to Attempt to Redress Unlawful Restraint

After a long period of being unlawfully restrainted, a Blogger will have his day in court to attempt to express the harm he was subjected to in his quest to provide 1st Amendment redress to the government over conduct he has been subjected too. This Blogger is still […]

Get to Know Your Candidate: Democratic Party – Kelly Higgins for District Attorney – Series One

We understand the importance of the District Attorney’s Office in a community. The way it is ran may set the tone for the community. Because of this important role and a highly anticipated election year, where there are two candidates that are not running for re-election; we find […]

City of Kyle to Hold Ethics Commission Meeting on February 23, 2022

The City of Kyle has called an Ethics Commission meeting. The City tends to call these meetings when there is a complaint submitted or a request for opinion. Essentially, the Ethics Commission is not a reoccurring meeting. It is an “as needed,” meeting. Anyone interested can join the […]

Motion Filed to Request Dismissal of Lawsuit on Kyle City Manager

The Plaintiff in Hays County 22nd District Court, Cause 21-2336, styled John D. Ferrara v J. Scott Sellers, City Manager, City of Kyle has requested the Petition of Mandamus filed and served to be dismissed. The request for dismissal comes after the illegal restraint the Plaintiff was subjected […]

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