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City of Kyle to Hold Ethics Commission Meeting on February 23, 2022

The City of Kyle has called an Ethics Commission meeting. The City tends to call these meetings when there is a complaint submitted or a request for opinion. Essentially, the Ethics Commission is not a reoccurring meeting. It is an “as needed,” meeting. Anyone interested can join the […]

Motion Filed to Request Dismissal of Lawsuit on Kyle City Manager

The Plaintiff in Hays County 22nd District Court, Cause 21-2336, styled John D. Ferrara v J. Scott Sellers, City Manager, City of Kyle has requested the Petition of Mandamus filed and served to be dismissed. The request for dismissal comes after the illegal restraint the Plaintiff was subjected […]

Hays County Pro Tem Drops Case Against Blogger

Afton Washbourne, the Pro Tem, for a case recused by the Hays County Criminal District Attorney’s Office and assigned to the Travis County Attorney’s Office, by virtue of judicial order has requested dismissal of a case involving a blogger. On January 28, 2022, the assigned Judge, the Honorable […]

Hays Pro Tem has a Deadline to Respond to Motion for Contempt of Court

Afton Washbourne, a Hays County Pro Tem employed by the Travis County Attorney’s Office was served a Motion for Contempt of Court. The initial service was sent on December 20, 2021. She received the service on or about December 27, 2021. One typically has twenty days to reply […]

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