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City of Mercedes Police Chief Resigns

We have been informed that Chief Dagoberto Chavez, Jr. has resigned from the City of Mercedes Police Department.

We are not sure the reason for his resignation, but it seems like something may be going on in the City Limits of Mercedes, Texas. We also received his Personal Status Report (PSR) from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and noticed he had his license suspended in the past.

We are unsure if any of that is related; such as a proper background investigation or if it is a mixture of items.

Here is a screenshot from the Mercedes Public Safety Department, where Chief Chavez posts a resignation:

Facebook, Mercedes Public Safety Department

Here are two pages of a multiple page PSR for Chief Chavez, received through the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) process:


It looks like he had his license suspended from June 24, 2005 through January 7, 2008; however, he did not appear to have a separation of licensing from the City of Mission, Texas during that time.

We haven’t done much research on the topic (yet), but we do wonder if he performed any law enforcement (peace officer) functions while his license was suspended and if he has had a proper background investigation.

He appears, as of October 16, 2020, to also hold an active license, as a Reserve Peace Officer with the Starr County Sheriff’s Office.

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